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For those of you who aren't really up to date on Internet terminology, the term web ring means a group of websites that are joined together. A web ring relies on the theory that there is strength in numbers particularly when it comes to showing up on a search engine. So if we're talking about a gambling web ring, we are referring to a few online casinos that are linked together. If you put the name of an online casino game into a search engine, the linked sites in the ring will show up. Each one is connected to the next in a circular manner and can be accessed from each other through internal links.

This type of site networking can be a very powerful tool on the Internet. A big network of sites is perceived as being more reliable and trustworthy than small individual online casinos. The individual sites in a network or web ring form one big entity, in which you can usually find the best online blackjack or slots around. There is usually also a mobile site on this type of network, making it a full-service product. With a ring of websites, customers don't have to look any further for everything they need.

A gambling web ring can be compared to a chain of stores. Many people prefer to shop in a big chain because they know that it is backed with big money and can therefore offer better deals and, often, better service. This is how people see gambling web rings too and rightfully so. A lone online casino cannot support the bonuses and offers a savvy gambler has come to expect; but a strong, linked, circle of sites can give a player all that he wants and expects from a good gambling venue. This concept in online gambling is becoming more and more prevalent; it's definitely worth checking out the next time you're looking for an online casino.

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